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Transregional Charitable Civil Fund  ‘Vozrojdenie’ was founded 1989 in Moscow, by the group of discerning public figures Leonid Vershigora, Vladimir Turchin and Vladimir Finogenov.

With incomparably long continuity and 27 years of sustained presence in cultural life of Russian Federation during rough times of developing young market economy, Fund Vozrojdenie is among the oldest private, non-commercial, charitable institutions, maintaining the highest standards and criteria in activities.

During various periods of the New Russia, substantial and priceless support to activities of the Fund has been extended by notable representatives of cultural and artistic elite, as Tair Salakhov, Mikhail Anikushin, Alexander Rukavishnikov, Mihail Chemiakin, Zurab Tsereteli, Rustam Khamdamov and many others.

Among members of Supervising Committee of the Fund served respected representatives of business community, culture, arts and politics. 

Main range of activities of Fund ‘Vozrojdenie’ includes active participation in projects for protection of national cultural heritage, support of fine art, music, as well as, development and contribution to various creative startups and projects  that meet our goals for advancement of cultural life in Russia and abroad.

Fund has large permanent collection of art works made by some of the most prominent Russian modern and contemporary artists, as Oleg Tselkov, Ernst Neisvestny, Konstantin Khudyakov, Alexander Rukavishnikov, Sergey Sharov, but, also from several very prospective emerging artists.

Among practical aspects of Fund’s activities is persistent support of the contemporary art happenings, through organization of various themes’ events with involvement of leading experts in order to sustain cultural progress in society and attract donations and endowments for development of new projects.

Chairman of the Board: Vladimir Turchin

President: Andrey Tsirkunov 

Address: Zemlyanoi Val 59, bldg. 2, 109004, Moscow, RF

e-mail: info@fund-vozrojdenie.ru